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The Global Economy project

   I am part of a team working on projects with and open educational and informational goals  via making international data available to users around the world - students and faculties, business people, investors, industry analysts, policy makers, journalists and people interested in the world economy. 

  The Global Economy is a comprehensive project that includes three mainplatforms, which are financed by data purchases, subscription and advertising revenue - Global Petrol Prices (provide the most reliable data on retail fuel prices around the world) , The Global Economy (provide interactive tools with international economic data compiled from multiple official sources) and Finance by country to which I comtribute. 

  Finance by country is the latest project of our team which explores the financial systems of countries around the world using detailed data on their banking systems and stock markets. The information in the site is collected from variety of sources including central banks, stock exchanges, national statistical agencies and national regulatory bodies. The data series in thesite are selected as the ones routinely used in the financial sector research and are updated regularly. The data in the site serve as a basis for interactive tools where one can compare countries and track financial developments over time. All of the data and charts can be provided tointerested parties.